Shallow Towers


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released January 29, 2012

Brandon Scott Baun- Guitar, Bass
Anthony Vaccaro- Drums
Matt Hershey- Guitar, Lyrics
Matt Scanlon- Vocals
Christopher Hartman- Vocals

Engineered by Richard Gavalis at Domesound Studio



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CAPA Pennsylvania

CAPA is a tragic black metal band from the US.


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Track Name: Shallow Towers I

Behold this great city; Its rivers run dry

And the concentric shadows of the towers

Fall on sterile streets.

Its citizens, immersed in their lofts,

Flash signals to the sun,

Each receiving its response.

They watch it revolve around the towers,

Relaying their messages.

All are at the center of its revolutions.

From their citadels they look down

On the shadows

And pray for mirrors,

Dedicating themselves daily anew.

The wind raps hollowly

At the base

Of the minarets,

Falling on the deaf ears in the keep.

Outside of the towers’ gaze

Lies a plain,

Neglected by the denizens;

A disinfected waste

Where our dreams went to die.

Its fields,

long ago desiccated,

Have their parched dust carried listlessly

Through the dry grass,

Overgrown at the base of the towers,

Under the sun’s bloody gaze.

And when that sun sets on this great city

It drowns,

Immersed in the moon’s blunted pallidity

Until the fire rises

To immolate the towers once again.
Track Name: Shallow Towers II

A small spark,
A whimper in the wasted fields;
A flicker from the rising flames of the sun’s
Blistering gaze
Ignites the hollows in the towers
As queens and princes atop their monoliths,
Reflected eternally in their mirrors,
Cower beneath its rays,
Soon to drown in the inferno.

What need had they of other worlds?

They look out
To the turrets of the others,
And their eyes meet
But they have forgotten how to speak
Without their messenger
Around the shallow towers.

They burn together in the basin of the valley.

True forms lay bare
In the ashes of the holocaust:
Their ruins only a corner
Of this vast deadened landscape;
A hollow wasteland in death
As it was in life,
Orbiting the sun.