This is the Dead Land This is Cactus Land


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bryanvvalters The pacing of this album is perfect. It flows like silk, and stays powerful throughout. Excellent stuff. Favorite track: L'Etranger.
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released October 1, 2013

Brandon Scott Baun
Matt Hershey
Matt Scanlon
Anthony Vaccaro



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CAPA Pennsylvania

CAPA is a tragic black metal band from the US.


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Track Name: A Crusader Returns
Long is the way,
And hard
That portends a shift
From grey to green.

From green to gold.

That road slowly
Under a snow of decaying ash;
The tape underfoot
From its sodden cradle.

There is no crunch beneath my feet
And no fire in my lungs—
There is no sun here
In this sallow miasma—
Only the dying embers
Of a search once begun,
A journey once completed:
A quest unaccomplished.

Long is the way,
And hard
The road.
Track Name: L'Etranger
I will carry this with me:
The memories of
Paralyzed forces
And shapeless forms;
Colorless shades and
Gesture-less motions.
The make-up of their lives.

I pray to the broken stone,
But know, now, that my solitude
Life and death.

They are no different
And neither am I:
They remain dead
And I alive—
A foreigner, still,
Here among their
And the hollow ruins
Of their shattered
Monoliths of straw.

Their inanition is exposed.

And so is mine.
Track Name: The Knights of the Holy Contact
“We take off into the cosmos, ready for anything: for solitude, for hardship, for exhaustion, death. Modesty forbids us to say so, but there are times when we think pretty highly of ourselves. And yet, if we examine it more closely, our enthusiasm turns out to be all sham. We don’t want to conquer the cosmos, we simply want to extend the boundaries of Earth to the frontiers of the cosmos. For us, such and such a planet is as arid as the Sahara, another as frozen as the North Pole, yet another as lush as the Amazon basin. We are humanitarian and chivalrous; we don’t want to enslave other races, we simply want to bequeath them our values and take over their heritage in exchange. We think of ourselves as the Knights of the Holy Contact. This is another lie.”
Track Name: Symbiosis I: Asche
I’ve looked upon this snow of grey
And despaired;
Are these the ashes of my
Carried on this conflagrant wind?

I knew the forest
Could sustain me no longer.
Track Name: Symbiosis II: Grass and Stone
There is grass amongst the rubble,
Grown tall
Atop our graves.

I am the weed in the cracks
Of their slag heap—
I am their debris;
Their last gasp.

I am what’s left of their
And their
Their society.

Our society.

Steel and sod
Grow together
In this basin,
And the river
Is filled with the
Of our symbiosis.

There is no escape,
For this is the ultimate
Process of nature.
Save one.
Track Name: Martyrdom
This road could have but one end,
Not in space but in

This is not a story of rebirth:
Neither rocks nor roots
Await my pallid bones,
And the river is far away—far behind
In a life past,
Before amelioration’s
Slowly bludgeoned carcass was left
Putrefying amongst these
Immolated minarets.

This is no longer despair,
Nor a hated pure;
Merely recognition of
This thing—this place—in itself,
And what I am within it.

How can one remain
Alive in this valley of decay,
Amongst these anemic cacti?

Only with retrospection can this
Conclusion enter focus:
The need to
This final tower.

Because this is the dead land.
Cactus land.
Inhabitable not by men,
But only by the prepared faces
Of whimpering ghosts.
Track Name: We are only seeking Man
“This is another lie. We are only seeking Man. We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. A single world, our own, suffices us; but we can’t accept it for what it is. We are searching for an ideal image of our own world: we go in quest of a planet, of a civilization superior to our own but developed on the basis of some prototype of our primeval past. At the same time, there is something inside us which we don’t like to face up to, from which we try to protect ourselves, but which nevertheless remains, since we don’t leave Earth in a state of primal innocence. We arrive here as we are in reality, and when the page is turned and that reality is revealed to us—that part of our reality which we would prefer to pass over in silence—then we don’t like it anymore.”